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Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Free Spirit
And "philosepher" of Upper Mississippi River life in the 1960's

The Home of the 2008 Uncharted Currents album

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Who am I: I am the former drummer/multi-instrumentalist of the 1970's band Golden Wings
out of Macomb, Illinois, USA. I went solo in 2007, releasing my album Uncharted Currents
in 2008. Born on the banks of the Mississippi River, my wife and I live a mostly hermitical
and simple life in the Appalachian Mountains. Away from the trappings of society.

Catalog Showcase
Jon Kukuk: All Vocals, Acoustic/Electric Guitars,
Bass, Syths, Drums, Percussion

Jesus Loves Me
Drums, Inc
Hot Tea

Uncharted Currents Full Album Video

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