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The book people have been asking about is coming soon!

This book is based on my 2008 CD Uncharted Currents.

It chronicals my life growing up in the tiny river town

of Dallas City, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River.

It brings to life, days long since past.

Back to a much simpler time, one that was vastly

different from today.It is also a historical document.

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Uncharted Currents CD

Dallas City High School Song


Jesus Loves Me psychedelic gospel version on Soundcloud.

Jon Kukuk: Vocal. Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums

Jon Kukuk · Jesus Loves Me

The Progressive Way (The TP&W Song) on Soundcloud.

Jon Kukuk: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

Jon Kukuk · The Progressive Way (The TP&W Song)

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