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Robert II, "The Pious" & Constance

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Constance Taillefer De Arles
Date of Birth:
Toulouse, France
Date of Death:
July 25, 1032
Melun, Normandy, France
William II
Count of Provence &
Adelaise De Anjou
Date of Marriage:
Robert II, King of France
Date of Birth:
March 27, 972
Orleans, France
Date of Death:
July 20, 1031
Melun, France
Hugh Capet &
Adelaide of Aquitaine

First Marriage:
Susanne, Princess of Italy
Second Marriage:
Bertha, Princess of Burgundy
Hugh Magnus
Henri I, King of France
Robert I

Robert II was King of France from March 27 972 until his death on July 20 1031.

In 987, Robert's father had the nobles crown him as successor at Orléans on December 30th, thereby confirming the house of Capet as rulers of France. After Robert became king he did as his father and crowned his eldest son Hugh as his successor. But, due to Prince Hugh's death, another son, Henri, became king.

Robert, despite marital problems that saw him temporarily excommunicated by Pope Gregory V, was a very devout Roman Catholic, hence the name Robert the Pious. He was very musically inclined and was a composer, a chorister, and a poet, making his palace a place of religious seclusion, where he conducted the matins and vespers in his royal robes. Part of Robert's piety at the time, was because he did not tolerate heretics and harshly punished them.

The kingdom Robert inherited was not large, and in an effort to increase his power, he vigorously pursued his claim to any of the feudal lands as they became vacant which action usually resulted in war with a counter-claimant. In 1003, his invasion of Burgundy was thwarted and it would not be until 1016 that he was finally able to get the support of the Church and be recognized as the Duke of Burgundy.

The pious King Robert II made few friends and many enemies, including his own sons Henri and Robert. They turned against their father, in a civil war for power and property. King Robert's army was beaten and he retreated to Beaugency outside Paris.

He died in the middle of the war with his sons on July 20, 1031 at Melun, France. He was interred with his third wife, Constance d'Arles (973-July 25, 1032) in Saint Denis Basilica.

He was succeeded by his and Constance's second son, Henri I. He was an ancestor to Isabella of France and Isabella of Castile, and so he is the ancestor to the present-day British royal family, including Elizabeth II, Queen of England.

Constance Taillefer De Arles she was married to King Robert in 1003, after his divorce from his second wife. The marriage was stormy; the family of Robert's second queen, Bertha, opposed her. Robert's friend, Hugh of Beauvais, tried to convince the king to repudiate her in 1007. Constance's response was to have Beauvais murdered by the knights of her kinsman, Fulk Nerra. In 1010 Robert even went to Rome, accompanied by Bertha, to seek permission to divorce Constance and remarry Bertha. Constance encouraged her sons to revolt against their father, and then favored her younger son, Robert, over her elder son, Henri. In 1027, Fulbert, Bishop of Chartres, wrote a letter claiming that he was "frightened away" from the consecration of Henri "by the savagery of his mother, who is quite trustworthy when she promises evil."

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