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The book people have been asking about is coming soon!

This book is based on my 2008 CD Uncharted Currents.

It chronicals my life growing up in a tiny river town

on the Mississippi River. And brings to life, days

long since past. A simpler time, one that was vastly

different from today.It is also a historical document.

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Uncharted Currents CD

Dallas City High School Song

Afterglow - 2015 version


The Island

Hot Tea

Jesus Loves Me psychedelic gospel version on Soundcloud.

Jon Kukuk: Vocal. Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums

Jon Kukuk · Jesus Loves Me

The Progressive Way (The TP&W Song) on Soundcloud.

Jon Kukuk: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

Jon Kukuk · The Progressive Way (The TP&W Song)

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