Riding Naked on a Metaphysical Butterfly

I wrote Riding Naked on a Metaphysical Butterfly to challenge the notion that science is the end all, be all. My inspiration was the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate of February 4, 2014. And also the fact that I myself came close to death in March, 2012. We are all body and spirit, or reverse that and say that we are all a spirit with a body. We exist as we are born only for a short time, and we need to use that time wisely. Not waste it on gun violence or meaningless video games.

I look at butterflies with wonder and awe as they fly around, and go from place to place. In my imagination, I wonder what it would be like to ride on one as someone would ride a horse. And go with them as they go about their business in their short lives. And also what it is like to pass through the door to the great beyond. Since we are all born without clothes, we also don’t take them with us when we pass. Thus I ride naked on my butterfly, which also exists only in my imagination. Metaphysics being the grey area of what is real and what is not, or is it?

It is my sincere hope and prayer, that this poem helps someone. Even if it makes a difference to only one person who reads it, then it has accomplished something.

Download the PDF here: PDF